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About CW Associates, CPAs


CW Associates, CPAs, provides big firm expertise from a local firm platform. With a professional staff of 30 accountants, including six partners, our firm was ranked as the 9th largest CPA firm in Hawaii in the 2014 Pacific Business News "Book of Lists". All of our partners and many of our professional staff are licensed certified public accountants with Master's degrees in business administration or accounting who have experience with an international accounting firm. In addition, our "hands-on" approach and low partner-to-staff ratio assure you that you will have direct contact with experienced certified public accountants.

We offer communication, specialization, and a breadth, depth, and diversity of experience that make us unique among local practitioners. Our approach is to add the expertise of a qualified local CPA firm to our clients' available resources. Our partners actively participate in the services we provide. That way, our clients can count on receiving their information promptly; and they can count on receiving current and practical responses to their questions. Our list of clients presently includes many prominent enterprises and nonprofit organizations in Hawaii, including their employee benefit plans.

Your decision to select CW Associates, CPAs, helps to balance the reasonable fees and attentive service you desire with the quality service and professional experience you need. The members of our firm have been serving a variety of enterprises and their owners and nonprofit organizations throughout Hawaii and in the Pacific Islands for over 30 years, and desire to be a significant professional resource for you and your management team. We seek frequent contact to encourage questions from our clients so we can resolve financial reporting and tax issues as they arise during the year, rather than waiting until after the end of the year. You have our commitment to provide the best assurance services our profession offers.

Accounting and Auditing

CW Associates, CPAs, provides accounting, auditing, and other assurance services to for-profit businesses and nonprofit entities. The firm presently includes nearly 20 professional staff and other professional support dedicated to providing accounting, auditing, and other assurance services. Our service approach is designed to assure you that:

- We are a readily-available resource throughout the year.

- We will complete our work in a timely and efficient manner.

- We will continue to do so in future years with substantially the same staff.

We perform our accounting and auditing engagements on laptop computers using specialized computer software. We also subscribe to and use numerous publications of the AICPA, CCH, and the Practitioners Publishing Corporation (including the electronic versions, which are available to us at all times on our laptop computers). These publications include programs and checklists designed specifically for use by practicing certified public accountants on accounting and auditing engagements in general and specialized industries. Our practice is to use these programs and checklists on each of our engagements, and to make them part of the documentation that supports our work. Because these publications are updated regularly and used by thousands of practicing certified public accountants across the country, they assure us that we are providing our clients with the best and most up-to-date professional care and attention.


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